News Release: Catholic Conference Praises State Senate for Passing Legislation Protecting Faith-Based Child Placement Agencies

June 10, 2015

(Lansing, Mich.) — Michigan Catholic Conference is praising the State Senate today for passing legislation that will protect a diverse range of child placement agencies in the state by upholding religious liberty rights for faith-based agencies. House Bills 4188–4190 will solidify these agencies’ long-standing relationship with the State of Michigan for years into the future, Michigan Catholic Conference said.

“The State of Michigan has sought the participation and support of faith-based child placement agencies for decades, so we welcome this legislation that will solidify the relationship for the sake of vulnerable children,” said Tom Hickson, MCC Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy. “Michigan thrives on diversity — these bills will ensure faith-based agencies are able to operate according to their conscience in order to continue serving others in our state.”

Editor's Note: To watch and share a brief video that explains the work of faith-based adoption/foster care agencies click here.

Michigan Catholic Conference is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in this state.

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