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An aerial view of the Michigan State Capitol building.

Catholic Conference Comments on Laws that Promote and Protect Dignity of Life and Work Following Governor’s Address

MCC Urges Legislative Support for Gun Control, Increase to EITC Tax Policy

Michigan Catholic Conference issued a statement offering support for legislation that protects children from gun violence as well as an increase to a state tax policy that aids low-income workers in Michigan — both of which were mentioned by the Governor in her State of the State address this week — in recognition that these policies promote the dignity of human life and work. Read more…

Benedictus XVI in 2010

On the Death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Upon hearing of the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at the age of 95, Michigan Catholic Conference President and CEO Paul A. Long offered the following reflections: “Together with the Catholic bishops and dioceses in Michigan, we offer our prayers for the soul of Benedict XVI and entrust the pope emeritus to the intercession of the Blessed Mother.” Read more…

A baby being baptized.

MCC Statement on Outcome of Proposal 3

‘Our Mandate Now is to Accelerate a Mission of Love and Respect for All Human Life’

Michigan Catholic Conference issued a statement in response to Proposal 3 that reiterates the Church’s ongoing mission to pray for and work toward a day where human life is welcomed as a gift and where abortion is considered an unthinkable option. MCC also expressed its heartfelt gratitude to bishops, clergy, religious and the Catholic faithful across Michigan for their bold and courageous stand to speak the truth in love through this campaign, as well as the outpouring of support and action from Catholic parishes and grassroots citizens. Read more…

Closeup of a judge's gavel with the scales of justice in the background.

Catholic Conference Responds to Michigan Supreme Court Decision in Rouch World

A decision rendered by the Michigan Supreme Court yesterday usurps the legislature’s role in the democratic process, presents constitutional problems for people of faith, and places in jeopardy religious persons and entities who wish to serve others in the public square, Michigan Catholic Conference said in a statement today in response to the ruling made in the Rouch World v. Department of Civil Rights case. Read more…

The Supreme Court of the United States

Dobbs Statement: Catholic Bishops in Michigan Celebrate Life, Reaffirm Support for Mothers in Need

‘Every pregnant woman should know there is a community of compassion and support waiting to help her and her unborn or infant child.’

Following the momentous and historic ruling from the Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturns the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision — which to this day has resulted in the tragic loss of some 63 million unborn children nationally and more than 1.5 million children in Michigan — the eleven Catholic bishops in the state of Michigan have released a joint statement that expresses joy with the Court’s majority opinion while reaffirming the Catholic Church’s compassion and support for mothers in need. Read more…

“The Catholic community in Michigan is calling for peace and civility ahead of and following the Dobbs decision. The recent threats of violence and acts of destruction and terror must end.”

Ahead of Dobbs Ruling, MCC Calls for Peace and Civility

Ongoing Violence and Destruction Toward Churches and Pro-Life People Must End

Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) is urging state authorities and elected officials from both parties to take note of recent violence toward religious communities and pro-life organizations at a time when extremist organizations are promoting violence and riots should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade. “The Catholic community in Michigan is calling for peace and civility ahead of and following the Dobbs decision,” said MCC President and CEO Paul A. Long. Read more…

Three smiling girls in school uniforms with their arms around each other

MCC Applauds Supreme Court Decision Allowing More Education Choice

Michigan’s Blaine Amendment Continues to Fail Parents and Students

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today in Carson v. Makin that the State of Maine’s refusal to provide funds for students to attend schools that provide religious instruction violates the Constitution. According to the ruling, the state must allow for students to use funds at religious schools because the state provides funds for students to attend private, non-religious schools. Michigan Catholic Conference noted in a statement today that while the opinion requires further examination for any potential impact here, it does bring us closer to the day when families in all 50 states have access to full educational choice. Read more…

Three representatives from Citizens to Support MI Women and Children sitting at a table during a press event at Michigan Catholic Conference

MCC Helps Launch Statewide Campaign Against “Anything Goes” Abortion Amendment

Michigan Catholic Conference has formally announced it is helping to steer a statewide ballot question committee in opposition to a proposed “anything goes” constitutional amendment that would permit unrestricted abortion throughout pregnancy and prevent parental participation in their children’s lives related to human sexuality. “This is an historic occasion for the pro-life community and indeed all people in Michigan to oppose such an extreme amendment to the state constitution,” said Michigan Catholic Conference President and CEO Paul A. Long. “We are eager to engage with all people of goodwill to clarify how dangerous this proposal is for unborn children, vulnerable women and families.” Read more…

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