News Release: Catholic Conference Critical of Senate Action on Education Budget

Senate Vote Politics at Its Worst

March 22, 2000

LANSING—The following statement was released today by Paul A. Long, Vice President for Public Policy.

Today, with the heavy hands of the alleged public school lobby and politicians intent on holding voters hostage this fall, the Michigan Senate voted to put Michigan’s school children at risk.

The passage of the Emerson Amendment to cut funding for Michigan’s public schools should the Kids First! Yes! ballot initiative be approved by voters is a direct assault on families and children who seek greater educational freedom.

For all of their talk, it is now very clear that the public school lobby, the governor and certain members of the state Senate could care less about the education and welfare of children. Their only concern is for themselves and their own special interests. The special interests of the public school lobby, the interests of politicians who take money from those special interest groups, and the politicians who would rather play political games with our children’s future then stand up for what is right.

We applaud the sixteen members of the Senate who stood up for the interest that really matters, Michigan’s children, and voted against cutting funds for education.

We call upon the Michigan House of Representatives not to be intimidated by these same heavy handed tactics. We call upon them not to play these ridiculous political games with our children’s future. We call upon them to eliminate this language from the school-aid budget.

A listing of how the Senate voted is attached.

Michigan Catholic Conference is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in this state.

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