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Call for Renewed Charity in All Things Political

Michigan Catholic Conference released the following statement this afternoon in an effort to bring the voice of the Catholic community to ongoing conversations related to civility and tolerance within the public sphere in the State of Michigan: “The role of the Michigan Catholic Conference is to advocate on behalf of public policies that promote the common good for the State of Michigan. The Catholic Conference does so by working with elected officials on both sides of the political aisle as well as the Executive branch of state government. Michigan Catholic Conference does not seek to interfere with intra party discussions related to administration or partisan activity. In recent weeks, regrettable comments relating to personal classification, documented status and religion have become the source of public conversation. It is important to convey during this period that every human person is made in the image and likeness of God.” Read more…

Regarding Governor Snyder’s Immigration Proposal

On January 16 Governor Rick Snyder presented to a special session of the Michigan Legislature his fourth State of the State Address. In addition to comments about the economy, jobs, budgets, education, roads and other matters pertinent to the state, the Governor discussed the issue of immigration. Michigan Catholic Conference, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Church universal have consistently spoken to the need for all policies to promote the dignity of all human persons, whether or not they are in a documented status. In July 2011, the bishops in the State of Michigan composed a statement on immigration, which may be read here. Following the Governor’s State of the State proposal to create an Office for New Americans, Michigan Catholic Conference welcomed the governor’s comments and spoke further to the need for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress. Click here to read Michigan Catholic Conference’s State of the State news release. Read more…

MCC Comments on the Death of Former Lt. Gov. Connie Binsfeld

‘A True and Faithful Public Servant’

Michigan Catholic Conference President and CEO Paul A. Long released the following statement regarding the death of former Lieutenant Governor Connie Binsfeld: “It is with great sadness to have learned of the passing of former Lieutenant Governor Connie Binsfeld. Mrs. Binsfeld was a close friend of the Michigan Catholic Conference, which is fortunate and honored to have worked with a fine woman of deep faith, humility and a dedication to public service. She was a role model for all elected officials in the graceful manner by which she conducted herself and how her deep faith informed her daily work in the legislative and executive branches, especially on behalf of children. Michigan Catholic Conference is pleased to have collaborated with Mrs. Binsfeld on her significant legislative accomplishment pertaining to surrogate motherhood and her role as honorary vice-chair of the Citizens for Compassionate Care group that defeated an assisted suicide ballot proposal in 1998. Michigan Catholic Conference and the State of Michigan this week mourn the death of a true and faithful public servant.” Read more…

Statement in Response to Injunction Granted to MCC Regarding HHS Mandate

Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) is welcoming an injunction issued on December 31, 2013 by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that prevents MCC and its affiliates from having to choose between paying crippling fines or facilitating the provision of abortion-inducing drugs, sterilizations, and contraceptives to their employees. The order prohibits the government from enforcing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' objectionable mandate against the MCC, its co-appellant and those Catholic entities that receive their health benefit from MCC pending further order from the court. While the decision is a preliminary ruling, and the merits of the case are soon to be considered, MCC is hopeful that the final disposition of this case will support religious freedom and rights of conscience. Read more…

MCC Comments on the Passage of the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act

Michigan Catholic Conference Policy Advocacy Rebecca Mastee, J.D., offered the following comments today after both the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives passed Initiated Legislation 1 (IL1), the citizen-initiated Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act: “As a result of this citizen-initiated legislation, Michigan will continue its strong record of protecting taxpayers from financing another person’s elective abortion. The initiated legislation approved today will ensure, as the Affordable Care Act allows, that any health plan offered on the state exchange will not include insurance coverage for an elective procedure that destroys unborn human life. Abortion is not health care, and that fact cannot be overstated.” Read more…

Michigan Catholic Conference Files New Lawsuit Against “HHS Mandate”

Michigan Catholic Conference today filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan a new legal complaint against the federal government regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) objectionable services mandate. The complaint challenges the HHS mandate on the grounds that it violates longstanding religious liberty protections by forcing religious employers to facilitate coverage of morally objectionable services, such as abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilization in their employee health benefit plans. A similar legal complaint filed in May 2012 by Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) against the federal government was dismissed without prejudice on procedural grounds in March 2013, when a judge found the case was not ripe for adjudication before HHS finalized its rule. MCC’s new complaint challenges the final HHS rule, which was promulgated on June 28 and is set to take effect beginning January 1, 2014. Read more…

Catholic Conference Applauds Human Trafficking Report

Michigan Catholic Conference today is applauding the many elected officials, law enforcement officers and individuals from the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking who today, led by Attorney General Bill Schuette, gathered to announce the unveiling of its 2013 Report on Human Trafficking. “The state as a whole and the Catholic community in particular have an obligation to defend and promote the dignity of every human person,” said Rebecca Mastee, Michigan Catholic Conference Policy Advocate. “This report from the Commission will prove indispensable toward raising awareness to the scourge of human trafficking and the victims of these crimes.” Read more…

House Committee Votes to Uphold Religious Liberty for Faith Based Child Placement Agencies

(Lansing)—The House Families, Children and Seniors Committee on September 25 voted to support legislation that will protect the long established relationship between the State of Michigan and faith based agencies in the field of adoption and foster care placements. Michigan Catholic Conference, the primary supporter of House Bills 4927–4928 and 4991, praised the committee for voting in support of the bills that will uphold religious liberty rights for faith based agencies and prevent discrimination against such entities. “It is vitally important for the Michigan Legislature to uphold first amendment religious liberty rights,” said Tom Hickson, Michigan Catholic Conference Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy. Read more…

Catholic Conference Urges Conscience Rights for Adoption Agencies

Legislation that would ensure the State of Michigan continues its partnership with faith-based child placement agencies for years into the future should be swiftly adopted, Michigan Catholic Conference stated today as House Bills 4927 and 4928 were addressed by the House Families, Children and Seniors Committee. The bills, sponsored by State Representatives Ken Kurtz and Andrea LaFontaine, recognize the conscience rights of faith-based adoption and foster care agencies and would legally protect the right for such agencies to operate according to their religious mission, as they always have. Read more…

Catholic Conference Says Medicaid Vote Follows a Moral Path

Michigan Catholic Conference is expressing its gratitude to the State Senate for approving legislation that will reform the state’s Medicaid program by providing access to health care for low-income persons. Having testified in support of the legislation and urging its grassroots members to contact their State Senator in support of House Bill 4714, Michigan Catholic Conference has argued that health care is a basic human right that must be available to all. “Today the State Senate recognized the moral necessity of providing health care access to a greater number of uninsured residents,” said Tom Hickson, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy. Read more…

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