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Immigration and Refugees

Michigan has a tradition of welcoming people of diverse origins—including immigrants, migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers—who have added to the state’s character. MCC supports policies that:

  • Uphold the human dignity of all persons and work against injustices that compromise the dignity of immigrants, including access to state identification.
  • Continue to welcome refugees and asylees to the state who have been admitted by the federal government.
  • Recognize and promote the values that immigrants provide to Michigan’s culture and economy.

Justice for Immigrants: A Journey of Hope

“Migrants and refugees do not only represent a problem to be solved, but are brothers and sisters to be welcomed, respected, and loved.” — Pope Francis (Word Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2014)

News Releases

  1. MCC Advocates for Driver License Access for Undocumented Persons (09/20/16)
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  5. Sens. Levin and Stabenow Applauded for Immigration Vote (06/28/13)

Additional Resources

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  7. On Immigration (Focus Essay, 5/2008)

MCC in the News

  1. Faith Leaders Embrace New Mission: 2020 Census (Detroit News, 05/28/20)
  2. Michigan Launches Census Committee Amid Concerns of Minority Undercount (Detroit Free Press, 06/14/19)
  3. Refugees Deserve Our Help (Detroit News, 12/18/15)
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  5. Create a Way for Illegal Immigrants to be Made Whole (Detroit Free Press, 08/16/11)
  6. Guest Commentary: Everyone Deserves to Be Treated Well (Detroit Free Press, 08/07/11)
  7. Michigan’s Catholic Bishops Urge Immigrant Support (WILX 10, 08/03/11)
  8. Mich. Catholic Bishops Call for Immigration Reform (CBS Detroit, 08/03/11)


Michigan Catholic Conference
(800) 395-5565
(517) 372-3940
510 South Capitol Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933
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